Saturday, October 09, 2004

HUAAAAAAAAAA minna!!!!!!!!! today i wanna use indonesia..is that ok?? wuihhh.. hari ini gw gk ada kerjaan banget laaahhh!!! gw skrg lagi apdet2 blog gw.. gw soalnya baru aja nikin GJ..repot dah gw harus update 3 journal.. -____________-

skarang gw lagi nyari2 photo..and GOD!! I FOUND THIS CUTE PHOTO OF MY RYOU AND HIS BEST BUD;KEI-CHAN!! SOOOO CUUUTEEEE!!! sebenernya gw mau naro photo ini di GJ..tp gw naro disini dikit deh..ntar di gj gw taro yang lainnya..
here's one

Oh my god!!! look at my ryouuuuu!!!!!! soooooo cuuteeeeeeee!!!!!!!! ^______________________________^

huahahahaha..pkoknya the rest..gw ntar bakal taro di GJ..
and ini slanjutnya buat manalolibon juga..XD XD XD

jyuinya keren bangetttttt!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

gk tau nih mau ngapain lagi..gw snen ud brangkat..baru pulang rebo.huahauahuhau wish me luck yahh..mudah2an gw sehat sehat aja..

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

uhmm..anoo..hi!! im at school right now..and..YEAH! IVE FINALLY FINISHED MY PRESENTATION!!! hehehhe that wasnt so bad..i can stand up straight and talk clearly..except why does bimo's part ended so soon? maybe that's because he only re-told the things that was already been put on the slide -__________-
but..besides that..gladys [my friend]also did a good job on delivering the presentation..i like their topic..!!!

well i suppose to leave early because my mum wants to watch that new princess's diary movie..should i go now?? because i kinda wanna watch that movie too.. soooooooooooooooo.. i think im just going to drop by these photo's for you all..huehuehue..the these are my tribute to baroque..i REALLY REALLY wanna go to their concert..

*RYOUUUU!!! i wanna meet youuuuuuu!!*

and the this last pix.. \(^ O ^)/ wahhhhOOoOoOOooO!!! i LOVE THE PIX..so i decided to put it here..(~_^)v enjoy minna~!

*no other words..but tara is SO DAMN CUTE!!!*


Saturday, October 02, 2004

(-_________________________________-) todaaaaaaay~~..ive got nothing to do people..just sit here..laying around..thinking about my undone presentation and hoping that the teachers will cancel the presentation..!!! Geezz..!!! my stupid crappy presentation..I HAVENT MADE THE ORAL BITS YET!!! DOUSYOUU??? T_T T_T T_T you know what..bimo hast called me either to tell me about my part..why should i bother?? Tata even told me that she havent touched..even the rough draft of the presentation..

now..im still here..with my sore eyes..waiting for my downloads..but LUCKILY!!! I found pix of tara..!!! KYAAAA..!!! THAT CUTE, HOT BABE!! ^_____________________^ *uma no egao*


i wanna put gariron mp3 on my keitaiiiiiii~~~~~~!!!! maybe i'll have to use that nokia audio thingy.. oh well, lets [at least] try that..and i think i wanna call bimo again..but i dont want to.. -___________________________________- ~~jya!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Kinou wa yappari tanoshikatta hi da ne..!! ore to nakama tachi wa issho ni dufan e itta..hountou ni omoshirokatta..and so..here's the story

okay..at 8.3o in the morning..tika came to my house..*i wasnt dressed yet ^_^'* because we're gonna go to dufan with insane,tata,indah&gladys.. an hour later, insane came by cuz we already decided that we're gonna go together.. When we got there..hum, not too quite but also not a lot of people..some were outoftowners and some were kids on school tour..etcetera..

after we bought the ticket, me insane tata & tika went in and saw clowns..suddenly hehehehe *can i tell this story, insane?* well..insane ga bikurishita da yo..XD XD XD hehhe..ano clown o mite kara..hashitta dayo..shinjiranai yo..insane..!! X3 okay..what's next..first we played kora-kora ride and then went to istana boneka. OMG!! At first our boat jammed and just like stopped for a while..we have to paddle a little. Then when we got deeper, it just got darker, smellier and slower!! DONT U PEOPLE CARE ABOUT OUR THEME PARK??!?!? well, first of all the dolls there were very dirty and look so messy, secondly the water was sooooooo dirty, third i think the AC broke down and at the end of the ride..the theme park guy told all the guest to leave istana boneka because they are going to fix some stuff..humph, so that's why..

hyuuuu..so tired..we didnt rode every ride though..got tired of walking, maybe that's because we walked so slow..the funny thing was, we went to mirror house right? and if it wasnt for this guy in front of us..we would never get out of that house..XP XP and afther that we went to rango2 house and i think insane is still dizzy because of it..^_^

we rode perang bintang *twice cuz its cold there n i looove it ^_^ i always got the highest score!! Yay for mee.. [applause!!]*, halilintar, bom bom car, mini coaster *hurt my bum tough, ngetemnya gak enak abis!*, what else..i didnt ride arung jeram though..i didnt want to get wet..too bad for rama sinta too..[still in renovation but..too loong!!!]

but anywayzz!! that was a lot of funn..soo fun that i forgot to even think about my presentaion..!! *BACK TO PANIC MODE!* nyuuuuuu!!! im supose to work on it now..but..what a hey! hueheuheue..maybe i'll do a lil..and i think i should talk to bimo more about it..T_T now..im writing a letter to kompas about dufan hueheuheue just wanna share my thoughts with the people..talk to y'all later.. jya!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

(- 3 -)(- 3 -) nyuuuuuuu...(- 3 -) another exhausting day..but not rrally stressful though..XP nyaa..today..was quite a blast to me..because TOMMOROW IS THE FINAL DAY AT SCHOOL..!!!! YaaayyYYyY..*applause* TERM BREAK!! here i come..!!!!! XP XP XP

HUhehehehehe..todayy..!!! there was a new kid..nyuuuu her style were soo..COSPLAYERRRSSS..!!! *screeamm bloddy helll..!!!!!* she is indonesian, but she was a transfer student..when she was at 1oth grade..she moved to japan..[exchange student XP] okayy..at first i didnt really notice her..and then the uketsuke onna told me.."ne..kochira wa atarashii gakusei desu.." and then..we introduced ourself and i started to talk about where did she come from..and bla bla bla so on..

In our class..there was this pack of women..kouchou sensei told us that they were teachers in training from japan..okay..and then..i think she was the only one who was bonding with the teacher..i mean.."heeee...sugeeeeee..!!!! omae wa nihongo ga mucha kucha jyouzu da yo!!!" *tottemo impressed!! ^ O ^ ^ O ^* but i like herr..!! also one of my jrock pal!! and NEW ONE!! XP XP XP..
oh yeahh.. what makes me surprise was the training sensei asked us if we like jap music or not..and i told her.. HELL YEAHH!! and i said GLAY is my favorite.. and she was all "aaa?? GLAY desuka..sore mo yuumei desune..koko ni..ninki mono ga aru ka??" and i told here.."sukoshi arimasu yoo..demo laruku an shieru no ninki mono ga ippai arun da.." after that..she was all "hoo sou ka na?? XD XD XD" and my pal told sensei that here fav was larc..^_^ no biggie..

humm..and nakabatake-sensei told us that senshuu no getsu youbi..that training sensei tachi will teach us againn..ano ne..vidya-san..wakaranai toki..oshiete kureru no? T_T so dumb with my jap..well..im still a amateur..XP XP XP

nyaaa..!!! gotta do some work now..still got physics project to cover, biology report to write and.... gotta d/l tokyo shonen from manalolita-san..XP XP sorry i didnt put pix..to lazy to open the photobucket..jyaaa naa!!! ^_^ ^_^

Friday, September 17, 2004

huaahhhhhhh..!!!! just got back from my lil cousin's b'day party..!!! lil tired -_- but still have the energy to visit my lovely blog..^_^

humm..this afternoon, i went to kenop w/emi n bertha..and just so conviniently there's no dumbass fangirl around..!! *lucky me* just the store guys were there, waiting for yet another customer to arrive ^^. And theeeeenn..when i arrived, i asked one of the store guy/pletok *hehehhe* if they got any new j-rock cd. And you know what, they DID give me a list of new cd..but all of the cd was HYDE AND LARC'S CD..!!!!! cih..they thought i was one of the dumbasses that came to the store asking about.."ohh..my good the new larc cd..oh my god..hyde your so handsome,oh your voice is wonderfull.." kind of person.. well, THINK AGAIN BUCKO..!!!! *hate them..i hate them, i hate them, i hate them..*

okay then..next next *p'rahman style*, trying to start a debate about larc n glay on dark's bbs.. but unfortunately, the people in larc thread seemed to misunserstood the word DEBATE AND WAR..!!! keehh..lame people..XP

sugi..wanna put pix here..but dunno what.. *chotto ne..wanna open my photobucket account first to check good pix*
lets..see..panic?? no, not that..ee too, gazette? no..no.., alicenine? maybe later..dont wanna put them now.., Ahhh~~!!! here it is..!!

kyaaaaaahahahahhaha..!!!! tried to find their songs from okuru kotoba album...but couldnt..!!! i wanna hear the gigaflare, fullface n satty's song..!!!! T_T oh yaaa.. insane..!! uhm..uhh.. iie.. nani mo naii..waiting for u to figure it out for ur self deh..^^

gyaaaahh..no other topicc..!!!! out of fresh idea..!! eitss..no wait i got one..at school, i was in the english class and our teacher told us that we are going to have a presentation about great criminals..and not so luckily, i ended up w/bimo..*well not really he's quite fun too..y'know?* and teacher said that she get to pick which criminal we're gonna discuss.. SUDDENLY, enpitsu starts yapping.."no ibu..i dont want this, i want other criminal, it says here,,bla bla bla bla"
and then, bu liz go "okay stop it..i dont want to hear "ibu..i dont like this..bla bla bla..yap yap yap anymore..!!" " and thenn..the whole class just stared at that bitch..!!!! uuuu..that really got her good,, i told tata..XP XP XP

wes lahh.. nothing else to talk about..for this shuumatsu..gotta finish bio report, physics project and chem homework..T_T lootsssssaa work to do..!!!
jyaaaaa naaaaaaa..!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

oi minna..!!! im back..geezz..not so great time at school today..ive got another go-ten for my 3rd math test..and because the whole class didnt get enough score [except for tata *sreeett..looking, i envied you..!!- 3 -* who got nana-ten]and not surprisingly..there's gonna be a re-test 2moro.. humm..i have to study again *shit*. Well..its not like i dont like to study, but i hate it when ive already work hard and then i only get low score for it..truly sucks..!!! -_- i hope that i will get better score 2 moro ^^

AND YET..another band news..*typing, half crying* hix hix..minna, our lovely, great, unbeliveable, spectacular, outrageous, cool, superb, out of is world [woii..!! alright alright we get it..they're good okay..move one already..!!!] hix..Baroque..is going to be disbanddddddddd..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!on september 11th. I got this news a few days a go from the guys at slsk,i asked manalolita too..visit pigmy.jp And sadly YES..it is true..*pasrah*
they said that banchan is quiting the band and now they are arranging their last live.. *hontou no hontou hontou ni kitainnnnnn daaa yoo..!!!*

i found the translation of the oshirase..click on d photo to know more..

bokura tada uta yo, yume ni mukau hikari sasu basho e..akiramenaide
dare datte, daijyobu yume ni mukau..kimi ni sachi are..
Thank you Baroque..for all your wonderful songs and for being such a good band for all these years, *3 years to be exact*. Ryou-kun..!! anata no koe ga hontou ni dai suki datta yo..!!! *anata no amai kao mo..^^* , next..thank you kei-kun for being ryou-kun's company since kanivalism, also akira-kun and banchan for starting this wonderfull band..!! we, as your fans will cherich n never forget you all..!!!

mucc..mucc..mucc..tsugi wa nani o suru ka na?? oh yeahh..!!! im gonna start my inter 2 course this thursday..!! they said my sensei is gonna be a nihonjin, and i've met her before. She was very cute, and when i first met her, she was the one that test our kaiwa.. hopefully i could understand what she said thursday ^^'

jya..wanna take off now..i'll update again friday if i have d time ne? jyaaaa

Friday, September 10, 2004


kyahahahhaha..!!! judulnya gak penting banget kan?? hehehe penting juga sih..abis gw waktu itu seneng banget krn gw nemuin web dr blog panic-ch nya entichers..ke journal seseorang gt..yang journalnya peeee~~~~nuuuhh ama Panic☆Ch, gilaaaaaaaaa..!!!! totemo ureshikatta~~nn da yoo..!!!! (≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)

dsana tuh banyak photo2..ada screencaps iyagarase..*lagunya ngerock banget ya? beda sama panic☆ch* trus ada behind the scenes gitu..hahahha kocak banget deh, yang たくみ ama たら apa 翼 gt, maen putar kursi..takumi pas mau berdiri..eee''..jatuh lagi *(^ 3 ^) mhuuuahhhh たくみちゃん を くちづけたいん~~~~~~~です* ^_^ kyahahahaha.. and then..here are the photos..that i took from the webb.. [doumo ne..owner-san XP]

Panic Channel oh Panic Channel..seneng banget deh dengerin lagu mereka..!!!

Gyaaaaaaaaaxx..!!!! MEGURU and 華那 are sooo..cool..!!! kono shashin o mite yo..kocak banget deh minna di photonya meguru..pada ngapaiiiiinnn coba?, klo yang di photo 華那haduuuhh mata gw cuma tertuju ke 華那 nih..\(^ O ^)/ *tp hime diblakang lucu..^^*

にゃあ-にゃああああああああんです..both are my favourite members of Panic Channel..!!!! the first one is 勇透 who is so bloddy cutee..!!!!!! im a lil bit dissapointed that he left the band..but not to worry cuz his replacement is here..たくみ ..!!! たくみ is also damn adoreable, why do visual kei band members have such a cute face? and im saying not just たくみ or たら here..

Gomenne.. minna..i dont put any of たらくん no shashin here.. cuz ano へんな insane wont let me use たらくん's photo..she said that she want to use it all for her blog..*damn you..!!! one day..i will stole tara, maya, emiru and nao from you..!!!
*_* [ambitous ala shiotsu]*

nyuuuuuu~~~~..!! tsugi wa nani o suru ka na?? gak tau lagi nih mau ngapain..oh ya, scanner skolah udah bener nih..AKHIRNYAAAAAAAA..!!!! kita bisa ngescan2 dehh.. kapan2 gw taro deh photonya..ada photo kamijoxsanaka..trus ada sendai kamotsu hehehhe..ntar aja y naronya..udah kepenuhan nih skarang..

jyaaa...gw lg mau nyari source dl-an PV2 gw dl nih.. mata nee..!!!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Hiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..!!! panic ga yatta..!!! panic ga yatta..!!! senangnya..sudah bekerja bersusah payah [gk juga sih..XP] membuat artikel tentang panic*ch akhirnya selesaii..!!! pliz visit2 yahh..di daishixaya.blogspot.com kyuuuuuu..`~~ X3 X3

hum hum.. gak tau nih mau ngapain..insane katanya hari ini mau ke spore..wah pulang2 bawa majalah shoxx nih..ntar lyat yaa insane..sama jangan lupa gravitation gw yaaa..!!!!! trus ntar malem adalah jii-san no tanjoubi no shokuji paati nih..!!! huhuhuhuhu nihon no resutoran lagi..XD XD XD

oh iya..tadi kta diskul kan test olahraga fisik gt kan..trus kasian deh, si gladys sakit gt..ya ampuunn..udah gt hampir semaput lagi *masih sparo2* akhirnya ditandu trus dibawa ke uks dehh..ya ampuunn, kasian banget sih..jangan gak makan dung..maagnya kambuh kann..well odaijini aja dehh..smoga snen udah bs skul lg..

GYAAAAAAAAAAA..!!!! tadi di klas masa ada anak klas 1 smu gt yahh..dia nulis surat perkenalan gt..tau gak nulis ke syapa..HYDE!!!! Ladies and gentlemen..jijik banget deh gw ngeliatnya..SOK TAU BANGET TUH ANAK..!!! di bilang lagunya album smile rata2 bernuansa dark and gothic.. OMG PLISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS DONGGGG..!!! LARC?? SEJAK KAPAN GOTHIC?? SEJAK KAPAN ALIRANNYA DARK?? *lalu tiba2dark muncul..XP* blagu bgt kan?? hiiiiihh gw udah sebel ama dia dr ptama.. sok knal sok deket gt ama kita..[gw n insane n tata] gw tau dia tuh temen salah satu temen gw..tapi dia kan gak punya hak untung langsung nyamber aja kan, sok kenal ama kita.. GANGGU BANGETT..!!!!!!!

pengen denger lagu shelly lagi dehh.. mau donlot tapi males..yuuyami dr insane aja blum slese..mana dia krg pergi lagi..!! T_T yahh..mungkin baru bisa dl yuuyami lg minggu dpan nih..!!! skrg gw mau dl apa ya??? oh iyaaaaaaa..!!!! gw pengen tau deh knp skrg kikasa gk gabung ama shelly lagi.. ada yang punya translationnya gak??

kyaaaaaa kikasa engkau manis skali..pertama lyat dia gk dandan di braintine gt..lucuuuuuu banget..!!! X3 X3 X3

oh iya..kmaren gw daftar gt u/ikut tes kemampuan jpang taun ini..walau gw testnya level yg paling bawahh XP, takut tp..ntar klo gw lupa gmana?? masih lama sih ujiannya desember..

udahan aja deh.. males nulis lg..mau dl2 dulu..jyaaaa naaaaaaa

Saturday, August 28, 2004

huahhh..!!! capek bgt ya hari ini..dari pagi tau gk..gw keluyuran..!! pertama ke sekolah; bikin dekorasi for that f***** assembly, udah gitu mana disana panas gitu lagi.. gilaaaa udah gitu gw nyari tangga gitu ama insane, hyaaaaaaaaaa udah disana PUANASS bangettt.. but good job for the decoration team..!! [me,insane,tata,tika n our lil' helper; nyuruu~~!!!] our decorations were greatt..!!!!

n after that.. i went to PIM..met bertha there..kyahahahha..i watched movie anaconda with her and her friends..gak jlas gitu juga sih, trus slanjutnya beli komikkk..!!!! beli dragon voice no 1 [finallyy..!!! >O<], seiki matsu prime minister no 2 ama 3, Get Backers no 9..and akazukin cha cha <-- huahahahhaha i like this comic..so cutee..!!!

and nowww...humm?? dunno what to do..well insane is on the net too..lagi donlot2 nih gw..tp bosen gak ada manalolita-san ato gk miss j..T_T sabishiii..!!!!! *udah gitu sempet ke DC lagi gw.. sebel..!!!*

ngapain ya sekarang?? gw bingung nnnih..di blog gw yg atu lagi mau bahas apa ya? tadinya mau naito, tp kata manalolita-san panic aja..hum?? mau sih tapi gw gk tau asal usul mereka.. yahh gpp deh..gw juga skarang lagi panikko banget..!!! panic addicted.. \(^ O ^)/

oh iya...GLAY EXPO 2004 akan dibuat documentary nya gak yaaa?? pengen nonton deh..trus ntar bakal ada video GLAY 6 deh.. pengen lyat tenshi no wakemae ama runaway,runaway..

ini pas GLAY EXPO 2004 *mitainnn~~~ T_T*

Blue Jean Cd single.. *mada kiite imasen..berthaa..pinjem dunks cdnya..!!*

GYAAAAAA GYAAAAA GYAAAA..!!!! panic webnya udah di updatee..!!!! lyat lyat lyattt..!!!! ini gambarnyaaaaaaa.. <-- walau agak di washout sih.. T_T tp gpp lucuuuuuuuuuu..!!!

minna as panic*ch

minna as panic channel

udah ah.. gk ada kerjaan nih.. mau nglanjutin nyari data panic aja deh gw.. jyaaa naaa..!!!

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